Do kids need IPad time?

Children today grow up in a world of electronic devices that we could not have imagined when I was a kid which is about 40 years ago. Still I am using computers daily now and could not do without any more.

When I was a kid we had to entertain ourselves totally differently. Most of the time we had to think up our own games and things to do. I did not have a childhood spent outside but I sure loved to play in nature. Those were the best times. Indoors my siblings and I never ran out of ideas of things to make, do or just play.

Somehow I am missing a lot of that in children today because as soon as they are not entertained they ask for the IPad or they are offered computer or TV time. Some parents think it’s important to learn to use these devices as soon as possible but I learned as a grown-up and really it’s no problem. My children waited a long time before they got into computers and now they are of course way ahead of me.

So wait and let your children find other things to do, creative things that come outside of themselves. Computers and IPads are for grown-ups and older children that use them for school. Otherwise something will be lost and your children will not be able to make up for that. The use of computers and whatever technical things there will be they will be able to learn to use when it’s needed.